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If you are a Novice Bodyguard or a Protective Services Professional, I am going to share with you a secret that will give you the upper-hand against any opponent, in any situation...
If you are an Ordinary Citizen who lives where the fear of Terrorist attack, or serious violence is very real, then this opportunity could save your life, or the lives of your family.

In either case, read on...

Simply put, we live in a dangerous world, especially for the rich and famous. Celebrities and high-profile individuals have always depended on the skills of well-trained Professional Bodyguards to protect them and their loved ones. And, with terrorism on the rise, the need for personal security is escalating at an alarming rate.

That means there simply aren’t enough well-trained and dedicated Professional Bodyguards to meet this increased demand.

If you are a practicing Bodyguard, or, have always thought about a career in Protective Services, this unprecedented need for Private Security has created extraordinary opportunities for those with specialized skills and training.

I am here to offer you a Unique Online Training Program created by an ex- Special Forces Operative.

If you are already in the field, you owe it to yourself and your clients to Enroll Today in this program – it will make them that much safer - and you, that much more valuable.

If you want to be a Bodyguard, this course will provide you all of the skills you need to be a part of this growing and lucrative field.

After undergoing our training - You Will:

  • Feel secure in the knowledge that you can protect your client anywhere, anytime ... even among masses at crowded venues.
  • Be confident in your anti-terrorism skills, and, your ability to thwart kidnapping attempts
  • Know how to diffuse a situation without ever firing a shot or landing a blow
  • Be the "Best Bodyguard You Can Be".

Dear Current or Future Security Professional,

My name is David A. Dadoun, and, I am the President and Founder of the Professional Bodyguard Institute. I am a decorated veteran of many campaigns of my country’s military, and, began a career in security and intelligence over 35 years ago. In that time I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and special skills that has allowed me to survive in the most hostile environments. I have faced opponents that have been bigger, faster, and stronger than I ... and I always came out on top. Over the years, I have personally trained hundreds of security personnel to do the same, many of whom are working currently for some very high-profile VIP’s and A-list celebrities. If you are willing to commit, I am willing to share all of that amassed knowledge with you in my unique Professional Bodyguard Online Study Program..

This training course will teach you everything you need to know about being an Executive Security Agent and the "fine art" of Personal Protection. Courses such as this sell elsewhere for thousands of dollars. I myself have taught this EXACT PROGRAM for $3700.00. The course consists of 2 Specially Designed Training Manuals detailing techniques I have developed and tested time and again in the field.

The Professional Bodyguard

You will discover the Art of Personal Protection and find detailed training in Anti-personnel and Counter-Terrorism Protocols. You will also learn how to take control and handle Extortionists, Kidnapping and Hostage scenarios; plus much, much more...

Non-Confrontational Protection

This volume goes into detail on the Way of The Samurai. You will learn the Samurai Code of Ethics, their values and commitment to honor that have made them the most effective bodyguards of all time! You will also learn one of the most important and valuable lessons I can teach you -the theory of Non-Confrontational Protection.

After completing the entire online program:

  • You Will Develop the Skills to Earn you A High-Income in Private Security.
  • You Will Know How to Deal with Extortionists, Kidnapping, and Hostage Situations.
  • You Will Know How to Develop and Implement a Counter-Terrorism Plan for Corporate and Executive Security.
  • You Will Know How to Deal With the Threat of Bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
  • You Will have Learned The Techniques of Intimidation... and Become an Expert in Non-confrontational Protection.

Even if You Have No Intentions of Ever Working in Executive Security – I Urge You to Enroll in This Online Program.

A $795.00 Investment Could Save Your Life!

Enroll Today – and You and Your Loved Ones Will Never Have to Live in Fear Again!